About Lakshay Engineering Institute

L AKSHAY ENGINEERING INSTITUTE is a part of MAHAVEER CONSTRUCTION COMPANY (Regd. With PWD Sri Ganganagar, Rajasthan) which is on field since 2005.

It has been in operation with several technical companies, PWD, PHED, MES .etc. Which proves that The LAKSHAY ENGINEERING INSTITUTE is not only strong in theoretical part also strong in technical and practical terms. MAHAVEER CONSTRUCTION COMPANY has completed 200+ govt. & private projects including ROAD CONSTRUCTION, BUILDING CONSTRUCTION AND SOME OF INDUSTRIAL BUILDINGS also and also it is taking care of more than 20 govt. building and monuments for their maintenance.

LAKSHAY ENGINEERING INSTITUTE is providing the training on various software covering the entire stream of engineering (Civil, Architecture, Mechanical & Electrical) and better performing the initial system of training study, design, and consultancy and project management. Also, dealing in Consultancy services and Project execution systems. Our primary clientele includes educational institutes, government offices, corporate houses architects and builders.

We also assist in several activities like Project Management, construction, Surveying, teaching consultant, structure consultancy and many more in technical services and also indulging the best expert team to execute the project in a proper technical manner.


Project & field based training
Practical example with courses

Theory references with software
Training by qualified trainers

Best computer system for practice
Best training environment

Best course material as per indutries
Authorized & latest software providence

Fully digital training
No quality compromises